SBHSN’s provider network clearinghouse evaluates providers in six-key areas, the Provider Profile Rating Report. The Provider Profile Rating Report confirms the provider’s qualifications and ability to promote safe and healthy schools.


Facilities in the SBHS network are nationally accredited. Only the most qualified providers are admitted into network. 

Accreditation Confirmation Report


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SBHS conducts, confirms, and provides a risk assessment profile to each school district that includes: Provider UCC liens, active litigation, OSHA and Workers Comp complaints, insurance runs reports, Level 1, 2 and 3 on background screening on all board members, owners and employees, Duns and Bradstreet reviews, Better Business Bureau status, Medicaid and Medicare status, Healthcare sanctions and financial recoupment reports, federal and state vendor exclusion list, employee Glassdoor reviews, and negative media exposure.  

Vendor Risk Assessment Profile

Legal Action Review

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SBHS network providers maintain the administrative, financial, and quality assurances infrastructure to deliver on all health care services proposed to a school district. SBHS never recommends or places an individual provider or facility on any campuses before a provider passes a Capacity Test.  

Abilities Analysis 

Capacity Check

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SBHS coordinates with The What Works Clearinghouse, SAMHSA, and the Department of Juvenile Justice. SBHS ensure providers are only utilizing best-in-practice and most respected existing research when delivering services.

Evidence Based Usage Profile



SBHS ensures all healthcare practitioners are actively participating and in “good standing” with state Medicaid plans, Health Maintenance Plans, and Preferred Provider Organizations. School district and charter school dollars are never commingled with other non-district dollars when services are prorocured. 

Safe Guarding Public Dollars 

Duplication Prevention

Making Notes

SBHS provides an Honesty Report. The Honesty Report informs the public of whom is on a school district campus. The Honesty Report is a proprietary analysis report that issues a Risk Rating of in-network and out-of-network providers. The report communicates provider lobbying efforts, political donations, corporate lines, sanctioning reports, media coverage, and litigation activities. SBHS ensures that only the most qualified providers are working in our nation's schools. 

The Honesty Report

Stake Holder Report